A Shoebox Diorama: “The Factory”

Last October, a friend asked if I’d be interested in joining her friendly shoebox diorama competition amongst her acquainted artists, filmmakers, musicians, scientists, engineers, etc. Of course, this came at a particularly crazy time in my life — the aforementioned garage construction, the new startup business, and, ya know, the whole “baby thing” — so it didn’t seem likely. But in the end, I was too intrigued to pass up an opportunity to flex the creative muscle!
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Storage side of attached bed

Nobody Puts Baby in a Sidecar

In keeping with my inconsolable paranoia of child safety and resulting over-engineering, what was originally planned to be a lightweight 20-pound free-standing bassinet, I have built a solid 60-pound “sidecar” for my baby. And I can say with confidence that, if and when the “big one” hits, I will be safe in one of two earthquake-proof places: inside my “bunker-like” garage or underneath this baby sidecar. :)
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Geneva Stopped?

It’s best to think of this post like an apologetic hint to a certain friend that may or may not be expecting a certain “project” to be done in 14 days time…that I may or may not be able to realistically finish. But, say I was still pushing to complete said “project”, I thought I’d share some of my ambiguous progress.

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Garage Day 13-16: My Plywood-wrapped Present

Once the wall forms were up, it actually started to look like the beginnings of a plywood-sheathed structure. The sad part was that, despite the immense amount of work it took just to setup the forms, everything you saw was to be removed in its entirety the day after the concrete was poured. But in the end, that’s when the excitement began. It’s like Christmas morning and you’re about to unwrap the biggest plywood-wrapped present you’ve ever seen!

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