Ape Climber

This is the first of the aforementioned “weekly prototype” initiative…the Climbing Ape.  It is a variation I saw on the Internets, based on the traditional folk toy, the double-corded climber.

That’s a funny looking ape!  Hey, this is wood class, not art class.  So my ability to cut an ape in wood was largely debilitated by my inability to draw an ape on paper.  My first sketch was loosely based on King Louie from the Jungle Book…but I suppose if you squish your eyes around, you could see some semblance of Donkey Kong with a hint of Homer Simpson.
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Why Am I Here?

I am apathy surrounded by ambition and self-improvement.

The “30 Day Challenge”…the latest craze on the Internets promoted by the bloggisphere and Facebook and Twitter and whatever social networking tool you fancy, driven by a fleet of users seeking new experiences and new beginnings.

The premise is that you commit to trying something new every day for 30 days and tell the world about it…like having the traditional New Years resolution, but failing at the end of the first day, then repeating for the next 30 days.  This seems like a lot of work.
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