Gone Fishing

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It’s been a whirlwind of Christmas functions and work deadlines where months have gone by without a woodworking or photographing peep. But I have at last returned to my patio “workshop” and blog…to report…that I have gone fishing.

Inspired by something cool I saw on Etsy a while back, I’ve made the Fish Rattle using purple heart, oak, walnut, and maple for their easily recognizable colouring and grain patterns, but with the durability to withstand baby-handed torment. And in the event this rattle unexpectedly find itself in someone’s mouth, it’s been finished with a food-safe Tung Oil.

Pine Prototype
Rattle Mockup using Pine
Rough Cut Pieces
Rough Cut Pieces
Sized and Finished with Pure Tung Oil
Left to Right: Maple, Walnut, Oak, Purple Heart, Maple
Assembled Fish Rattles
Finished with Pure Tung Oil
Dramatic Fish
Dramatic Fish
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2 thoughts on “Gone Fishing”

  1. Mike, I like. Can I buy a fish rattle or two from you? You say, finished with a food safe oil, so a baby can play with this and its ok if baby puts in his/her mouth? Or any other type of baby thing you make. Our neighbour is having a kid any day now. I’ll pay for postage as well. What say you?

  2. Thanks Nadine! I’m glad you like them! They’re finished with the pure tung oil that Lee Valley sells, so no polymers, non-toxic and food safe for baby play. In theory, at least. :)

    Unfortunately, they’re all accounted for. The people out here have been busy…or should I say, getting busy? :)

    However, here’s the wooden genius I got the idea from:

    It kinda looks like they’re using soft woods, so possibly less durable, but I feel their design is cuter with the colorful paints and personality. I think I was aiming for a more simplistic classy look, since that paint will eventually chip off. :)

    Anyway, looks like they have a few left if you’re interested. Alternatively, I bet you could get Brent or Sean to make it! :)

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