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50 Feet of Drawers

In terms of woodworking, I’m not as much about “measure twice, cut once” as I am about “eyeball twice, cut a few times, eyeball again, trim one last time, measure for peace of mind“. When I set out to build something, I often have tunnel vision toward how I want it to look, not so much the practical sizing.

I agree this is bad practice, but in this particular instance, I win! I finished building and installing the 12 drawers for the built-ins a couple weeks back and it turns out I (accidentally) have over 50 sqft of curvy drawer space! For some comparative perspective, that is basically 1/8th the footprint of my current 20×20 2-car garage.
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Making Plywood Bend to My Will!

“Continental drift” is a nice way to describe how our piles of dirty laundry shift from one flat surface to another, as natural erosion consumes stragglers into the sea of hardwood flooring. We have a pretty regimented laundry day schedule, defined by nothing other than “when we run out of flat surfaces.”

It’s time to add some built-in cabinets to our bedroom. But if there’s ever an opportunity to make things difficult, we’ll jump on it. That is nothing short of the truth with this latest endeavor. Sure, ripping apart the bedroom to build two-toned floor-to-ceiling cabinets and a 12-drawer dresser is “challenging” and all…but why not throw in another level of difficulty, curved drawers. :)
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