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The 2-Year Coffee Table

I am often asked how long it takes me to build custom furniture. I have a pretty good sense of what the followup question will be to whatever “reasonable” answer I can offer, so I happily report, “Oh…easily 2 years” without an inch of growth on my Pinocchi-nose. :)

Ok, well, I suppose that’s not entirely truthful. Many years ago, I made said infamous coffee table: a solid 1″ maple top, baltic birch carcass and drawers, supported by sturdy 2″ birch legs tapered to the ground. And while I designed the coffee table and purchased the wood 2 years before I actually finished it, the project was abandoned several times throughout its course, while I planned a wedding, built garages and many other woodworking projects, and, of course, waited for power tools to go on sale.
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