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Garage Day 13-16: My Plywood-wrapped Present

Once the wall forms were up, it actually started to look like the beginnings of a plywood-sheathed structure. The sad part was that, despite the immense amount of work it took just to setup the forms, everything you saw was to be removed in its entirety the day after the concrete was poured. But in the end, that’s when the excitement began. It’s like Christmas morning and you’re about to unwrap the biggest plywood-wrapped present you’ve ever seen!

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Garage Day 1: We’ve made a huge mistake…

Almost 10 years ago, during out stint of prairie living, we built our first garage. Times were simpler then: the ground was flat; concrete was cheap; prairie building codes were…laxed. We were building a simple wooden box on a slab, delivered in a nicely bundled package of materials, courtesy of the local CO-OP. A good ol’ fashion garage-raising that, given your hammer-swinging friends and a few cases of beer, you’d have something to show for it by the end of the week.
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